Become a Graphic Designer

We know that time is important for all of us! No long terms plans of 4 to 6 months keep you bound with us. We are offering Smart Graphic Designing Course from Monday to Friday from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. Our session starts from the 15th of every month till the 15th of next month. On the last day of the session, we will organize a certificate ceremony and dinner buffet in which all the students will be awarded certificates.First, 10 Students with 100% payment submission of Rs 15,000 will be considered for our upcoming batch in in-house lectures.

  • 1 Month
  • 20 Lectures
  • 30 Learning Hours

Course Outline

What you will learn

Lecture 1: Introduction / CMYK,RGB / Sizes

Lecture 2: Move tool / Direct selection tool / Save as / Export as Copy paste / Color Palettes.

Lecture 3: Shape tool / Pen tool / Eraser tool Assignment => Draw Character through pen tool & box and open box through shape tool

Lecture 4: Text Effects / Font styles ( Urdu n English ) / Paragraph / Transformation Assignment => Download fonts and write paragraph in urdu & english.

Lecture 5: Path finder / Compound path / shape builder / Clipping mask

Lecture 6: 3D Effects Assignment => Draw bowl, dice

Lecture 7: Stationary—- Media Kits ( Visiting Cards, Letter head, Envelop (small & Large) , Cd Stikers Assignment => Complete Media kits

Lecture 8: Logo Making Assignment => Make your logo or your business

Lecture 9: Repeat all Lectures n Assignments


Lecture 1: Selection Tool / Move tool / Layers / Sizes

Lecture 2: Polygonal Lasso tool ( selection & Editing) Assignment

Lecture 3: Effects / Retouching Assignment

Lecture 4: Colorization / Restortation


Lecture 5: Text Effect ( Blending , gradient) Assignment => Text with shadows

Lecture 6: Light Effects / Animation Assignment => Moving ball, moving clock needles

Lecture 7: Post making Assignment => At least 5 posts

Lecture 8: Repeat all Lectures n Assignments

Lecture 1: Fiverr Overview, Creating Your Fiverr Gigs, Converting Customers & Managing Orders, 

Lecture 2: Growing Your Business on Fiverr, The Lifestyle of a Successful Freelancer, Course Summary and Conclusion, Final Quiz

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Online Lectures

Learning has no barriers. With the help of latest artificial intelligence we have enhanced our credibility from the other coaching centres  and purchased a pro license of Zoom: Video ConferencingThose who belong to other cities or cannot spare time for our in-house lectures can join us on Zoom. Procedure is very simple, A specific link will be emailed to you 30 minutes before the class on your registered email address, at the time of class you will be connected to the live video session and attend that lecture. Incase of re-attending the lectures you can request us to share the recorded lectures and we will update you with access to the requested lectures. 

In-House Lectures

Our coaching centre is located in the office of Digital Agency 3rd Floor, Vogue Towers, MM Alam Rd. The space is packed with energy, inspiration and lots of positive vibes. Your trainer will be Miss Sana Gillani ACP (Adobe Certified Professional in AI & AP). 

Course Description

Participants who attend this course will learn about painting, photo retouching, vector graphics, color correction, compositing, scanning, image size, printing, tracing, smart layers, vanishing points, layer masks, puppet warp, and lens correction.

What are the benefits of being a full-fledged stack designer?

Having resources is a hot topic and very important in the first world. As such, the ‘normal or professional’ debate has been rampant since the beginning of the first period. Expandable and varied skill sets are often criticized for being too broad or overworked — raising fears that you will be doing a job of three or four people for one salary. This criticism explains that it is very tempting to seek to sharpen as much as possible when it comes to job specs, and to choose a job that means you will do well in one thing rather than being a jack of all jobs. However, being a full-fledged stack designer and having a multi sector set of skills has great benefits. A full-fledged design is beneficial especially if you are a freelance person. Why? Because, in short, you can add more value to two unique designers. Along with being more than one small cog in the machine, you are able to track the progress of the project.